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39 SCIE 2022 A Medicinal Halophyte Ipomoea pes-caprae (Linn.) R. Br.: A Review of Its Botany, Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry, and Bioactivity
38 SCIE 2022 A new species of Fogedia (Bacillariophyceae) from tidal flats of Northeast Asia
37 SCIE 2022 Antibacterial Activity of Prenylated Flavonoids Isolated from Hop against Fish Pathogens Streptococcus iniae and Vibrio vulnificus
36 SCIE 2022 Calibration of the XRF-Estimated CaCO3?Content in the Western Tropical Pacific Deep-Sea Sediments
35 SCIE 2022 CFD Simulations of the Effect of Equalizing Duct Configurations on Cavitating Flow around a Propeller
34 SCIE 2022 Computational study on rogue wave and its application to a floating body
33 SCIE 2022 Effects of Irradiance and Temperature on the Photosynthesis of the Crustose Coralline Algae Pneophyllum fragile (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in the Coastal Waters of Korea
32 SCIE 2022 Effects of strain-softening and stain-rate dependence on the anchor deagging simulation of clay through large deformation finite element analysis
31 SCIE 2022 End-to-end value chain analysis of isolated renewable energy using hydrogen and ammonia energy carrier
30 SCIE 2022 Estimation of Wave Breaking Index by Learning Nonlinear Relation using Multilayer Neural Network
29 SCIE 2022 Holocene centennial variability in sea surface temperature and linkage with solar irradiance
28 국내 2022 Proposal of Parameter Range that offered Optimal Performance in the Coastal Morphodynamic Model(XBeach) through GLUE
27 SCIE 2022 Sensitivity Analysis of Event-Specific Calibration Data and Its Application to Modeling of Subaerial Storm Erosion under Complex Bathymetry
26 SCIE 2022 Spatial and temporal distributions of glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in suspended materials in the northern East China Sea: Applicability as a paleotemperature proxy
25 국내 2022 전산유체역학을 이용한 수중 예인운동체 자세안정화를 위한 파라미터 연구
24 국내 2022 태풍 마이삭과 하이선에 의한 한반도 폭풍파 수치 모의
23 국내 2022 해양과학기지 RangeFinder 파랑 시계열 자료의 특성 분석 및 품질개선을 위한 알고리즘 개발
22 국내 2021 A Study on the Possibility of Short-term Monitoring of Coastal Topography Changes Using GOCI-II
21 국내 2021 Computational Analysis of KCS Model with an Equalizing Duct
20 SCIE 2021 Coupled Level-Set and Volume of Fluid (CLSVOF) Solver for Air Lubrication Method of a Flat Plate